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"This is a very professional office. Always willing to accommodate when there are issues. One daughter completed two years of Orthodontic services.  Second daughter received her braces about a year ago. Very good service. Highly recommend Smile-Savers Orthodontic."

-Kenyatta H.

"The effectiveness and dedication the my visits was amazing. Thanks to Dr. V and Quasia my Teeth are the best they’ve been in years, and I’m terrible  at following orders but this team made it work effectively."

-Darren J.

"The second I walked through the door, I knew it was a very clean place. The staff is super friendly and helpful. They make you feel at home from speaking to your preferable language, allowing you too understand perfectly what they are saying. Coming in as a child patient, this place is very good. When they did my teeth it didn’t hurt at all, and I definitely wanna get my braces here. My sister also enjoyed our visit her very much"

-Emily A.

"My daughter recently got her braces here, and I must say that we're impressed at the level of professionalism and courtesy that we experienced at Smile Savers Orthodontics. The staff is friendly,  thus we were able to feel at home. I'd recommend this business to anyone who's interested. "

-Tashan M.

"They are so helpful, and friendly and willing to work with you financially! I was so happy to start the journey with my daughter- the office is very clean andn professional as well."

-Nicole W.

"Well Worth it."

-Yolanda D.



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